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How to Escape New York City this Winter

Winterstate Travel: When the Greatest City turns to Gray Slush

What’s more magical than New York City during the holidays? Festive music playing in the streets, every window is dolled up for the holidays, fun events and parties happening every night. Then January hits, and much like Times Square on New Years Day, everyone leaves, and New York City turns into a shitshow (or should I say, shitsnow) of slush ponds, wind tunnels weird brown smears that wind up everywhere.
Seems like a pretty good time to get out of dodge, huh? While New York City is trampled into winter boot oblivion, take advantage of the beauty of our neighboring states!

Artful Dodger

I know this kind of looks like a cave of teeth, but it's really cool I swear! (Photo source: Escape Brooklyn).

While New York City has no shortage of art museums, there are amazing exhibits just outside of the five boroughs. With space to actually immerse you in a new world, consider taking a Skedaddle to Honesdale, Pennsylvania, the real-life inspiration of the song “Winter Wonderland” and spend a Saturday afternoon in the Paper Caves.

Or if you're still humming “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman everywhere you go, take a visit to the legendary P.T. Barnum Museum in Bridgeport, CT. On Thursdays and Fridays you get an even more in-depth look at the reality of one of the craziest stories in America - maybe even crazier than Hollywood made it seem! While there, don't forget to "pick your nose" and leave with an offbeat souvenir!

For those who want to stay close to home, but still get a unique, immersive art experience, venture north of the L train to Superchief Gallery for the crystalline cyberscape of “Rootkit”. -Like walking in a winter wonderland, indeed!

Winter Comedy Sports

Ahh, the rolling hills of Central Park.

As the proud owner of a lime green disc sled, when the snow hits NYC, I’m suddenly everyone in Central Park’s best friend. -It’s hard to find legitimate sleds here! As everyone rushes to buy cookie sheets and plastic tubs, a question comes to mind: have you ever really laughed until watching people try and sled down a tiny hill in a human-sized container from Bed Bath & Beyond, only to have it flip over and shatter into dozens of tiny pieces that everyone scrambles to collect because BB&B has a no questions asked return policy???

Instead of trying to collect plastic shards in the snow, make your way to some beacons of Winter Activities with some of our routes to Stratton Mountain and Mount Snow.

Skiing not your thing? Break in the slopes with tubing or snowshoeing at the brand new Bearpen Mountain in Prattsville, NY.

If you must stay in NYC, my vote for best sledding hill goes to Sunset Park! At 45th & 5th there’s a great sledding hill that is less crowded than other top sledding spots in the city. With the commute being a deterrent for some, just know that the trip will be worth it!

Put on your Marching Snow Shoes

On the anniversary of the 2016 Women's March on Washington hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in cities all over the U.S.

For the second year in a row, the winter season is marked by protests, activism, and social justice. Whether you took to the streets on January 21st as part of the Women’s March in NYC or you're looking to make an impact in another way, there’s no shortage of opportunities to support in New York.

Consider going to the New York Wild Film Festival, bringing wildlife conservation to the masses. Attending the Lady Parts Justice's Fight Back Like a Girl Comedy Resistance Event, or pretending it’s summer by riding a bike (albeit, indoors) for Cycle for Survival. With rides happening all over the country you can hoof it in NYC or make a day trip of it in a nearby city like Greenwich, CT or Paramus, NJ - and all for a great cause!

It may be the dregs of January but the party don’t stop for New York City (and our neighbors!) with no shortage of activities, the decision is up to you how to spend your gray wintery days and before you know it….it will be spring humid!**

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Lindsay Rootare

Lindsay Rootare

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