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Things to do in Boston this winter: It can be fun, I swear

How to make New England a little more bearable this season

As a purebred Bostonian, I’ve learned how to manage winter. Maybe it’s the gallons of hot chocolate I’ve consumed over the years, or my new electric fireplace heater, regardless, something has always kept me favoring sweater weather over bathing suit weather. Even when your backyard could be confused for Siberia, you learn to make the best out of winter, we’re bred to be pretty creative species. In the spirit of winter, I’ve listed some of my favorite winter destinations and activities below; when the cold gets you down, I hope this list can keep you going.

1. DIY Hot Chocolate Tour

Taza Chocolate Bar is the definition of an Instagram worthy spot (Photo credit: Taza Chocolate Bar" target="_blank).

I know it sounds like I’m grasping at straws but don’t knock it until you try it. Bundle up, google some bad a** cafes and hit the town (Pret and Starbucks don’t count). I’d suggest going to 3 cafes and rating their Hot Chocolate and cafe on a 5-pt scale in the following categories (atmosphere, value and quality).

If you are a fellow Bostonian, Taza Chocolate Bar is a must-stop or you can get your Hot Chocolate inspo with Buzzfeed’s list of the 27 Greatest Hot Chocolates in the world. See if any of those spots are in your city.

2. Retreat to a spa or inn outside your city

!If you're going for a real ~detox~ you should probably ignore the steakhouse part (Photo credit: Common Man Inn).

Grab some friends and escape your city. I recently reserved a loft with friends at the Common Man Inn and Spa a few hours from Boston and it was the perfect place to be trapped when temps hit the negatives. Basically, just go anywhere that has an indoor pool. You can pretend it’s summer.

3. Werk Out

I ate all of the deep dish pizza available an hour after this photo was taken.

Isn’t “summer bodies are made in the winter” how that famous saying goes? Working out in the winter is pretty miserable, I know it shouldn’t be on the “fun” list, but it’s a great way to burn off some energy when you’re stuck inside. After a sweaty gym session, all those endorphins will have you thinking it was fun anyway. Check out Health.com’s tips on how to stay motivated to workout during those dark winter months, they’re the experts.

4. Brews, brews, brews

Because every season is beer season.

Find your nearest brewery town. In Boston’s case, Portland is the perfect beer destination, offering a whopping 17+ breweries in the small town located 2 hours north of the city. If you’re nearby, here’s a guide to breweries in Portland, along with a list linking to each one individually. Remember, no drinking and driving, avoid the headache by starting a Skedaddle route from your town to get you and your friends to your favorite brewery.

5. Skiing and other mountain things, helloo0o0o!

When you just want to do-it-for-the-gram, but then realize you have to actually get down the mountain.

Not a skier? Me neither. However, there are so many mountains in the Northeast that offer way more than just skiing. Let’s not forget about snow tubing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sleigh rides, wineries (ok, Loon Mountain is the only one I can think of with a Winery onsite). Hitting up a mountain is a must-do during the winter. Grab a Skedaddle there for a day or weekend trip, or even better, check out our $5 round-trip routes from Boston to Loon and Sunapee every Saturday during January and February! Seriously, only $5.

And for those who would really just rather not leave the house (that's me 75% of the time) there is nothing wrong with a good ol' movie night in. Here's everything coming to Netflix in 2018. How have we gone this long without the entire American Pie saga?! The world may never know.
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Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton

Boston based marketing enthusiast. Favorite destinations always include mojitos or dog-watching.


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