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What to do For Memorial Day 2018

The summer is finally here and if you're not #roadtrippin' for the weekend put those winter clothes in storage and get ready for our tips to make the best of Memorial Day weekend in your city!

1. Have a barbecue!

There is nothing more summery than sunshine and hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill so grab some friends and head out to your backyard or rooftop and cook up a delicious grilled feast. A lot of parks have grills that are available for the public to use too (Randall’s Island in NYC, for example, has a bunch) if you’re not blessed with your own outdoor space. HuffPost has some great recipes for the grill (with plenty of non-meat options for all the plant eaters out there). This is also the perfect opportunity to test out some summer cocktail recipes!

2. Go to a baseball game.

Baseball is the ultimate summer sport so rally the crew and grab some $25 nosebleed seats (unless you have some die hard fans among you and want to spring for the fancy seats) and get ready to binge on the classic stadium snacks- hotdogs, cracker jacks, cheese fries, peanuts and, if you still have room, ice cream in the classic souvenir helmet.

3. It's finally beach season!

Sun’s out buns out, am I right? There are plenty of awesome beaches that are accessible by public transportation (or that’s right, you guessed it, by a Skedaddle route) so pack that cooler and hit the sand. On the packing list: sunscreen, snacks, beer (Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy is summer in a bottle), a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a poppin' playlist and maybe some beach games (like this paddle ball set or something that's easy to carry.

4. Have a picnic in a park.

If you’re not the grilling-type (or just overall cooking-type and you still use your oven for storage) a picnic is the perfect activity! Head to your local grocery store and grab some cheese, crackers, hummus, chips, fruit and maybe some prepared foods like pasta or potato salad and head out to your nearest patch of grass. Oh, and what goes better with cheese than wine so don’t forget the rosé. May we recommended any of these summer rosés.

5. Head to a vineyard or brewery!

Speaking of rose, it should hopefully be warm enough to take full advantage of local vineyards and breweries that have great outdoor space. You might even be able to bring that picnic here! Thrillist does a great job of rounding up some of the best outdoor breweries in NYC and you can never go wrong with Trillium Brewing Company in Boston. In terms of local vineyards may we suggest City Vineyard at Pier 26 in Dorchester.

6. Rent a boat on Charles River or in Central Park.

You don’t have to know a guy with a boat in the Hamptons or the Cape to have fun on the water this Memorial Day. Paddle Boston offers canoes and kayaks for anywhere from $16-$19 per hour on the Charles. The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park offers hourly rowboat or gondola rentals for you fancy folks out there.

7. Go for a hike!

This is the perfect weekend to escape the city and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Another place you can bring your picnic also! The Old Croton Aqueduct in Croton-on-Hudson or Anthony’s Nose Hike in Bear Mountain are both accessible on the Metro-North from Grand Central. Middlesex Fells Reservation in Stoneham and World’s End in Hingham are both accessible by the T or other public transportation and have Instagram-worthy views.

Check out our explore page to see where your fellow Skedaddlers are heading this weekend!

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