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How to Make the Most of Your Day in Long Beach, NY

You and the squad are heading to the beach this weekend- amazing. Maybe you even have seats booked on our $10 bus trip to Long Beach on Saturday- even more amazing! Whether you’re hitting the sand for the first time this summer or a frequent beach bum, here’s how to make the most of your fun day in the sun!

1. Travel lightly.

No need to pack coolers and a full picnic basket for this Skedaddle ride! Save the legroom for your pool floats and stock up when you arrive. Every Saturday from 10AM-3PM, the Arts in the Plaza (Long Beach’s weekly arts festival and farmers market) pops up right by our drop off point. Support local businesses, grab delicious snacks (We see you Vienna Cookie Company!), limber up with a hula hoop and utilize a sand-free bathroom (courtesy of the Starbucks across the street) before hitting the beach!

2. Protect ya neck!

If it’s your first time at the beach this summer, be extra cautious when it comes to sun protection. Skip the sunscreen sticks (unless you’re jonesing for a criss-cross sunburn pattern!), and pile on that Skedaddle sunscreen (it smells so good!). If you need a little extra protection, you can even rent a big beach umbrella at the entrance to the beach. With various chair and umbrella rental packages ranging from $12-72, you can get some rays, safely and comfortably.

3. Let’s get physical.

While it’s easy to spend the entire day sitting in the sand, there are also a lot of fun athletic activities to partake in on the beach as well! Whether you want to try your hand at surfing with Skudin Surf (how’s your pop up?), sign up to compete in the Allegria Hotel’s volleyball tournaments or just throw a ball around for a classic game of catch, you ’ll find something your speed on Long Beach!

4. Stay sharp.

While the days of required summer reading may be behind you, summer is a great time to start a new book and join the latest literary conversation. Whether you are looking for a heavy read to keep the brain cells growing, or a fun graphic novel to digest, peep our Skedaddle summer reading list for our staff picks!

5. Who said anything about a beach body?

Is your body at the beach? Cool! That makes it a beach body! Long Beach has a large population of all genders, ethnicities and body types! Come feeling like your best self, in your favorite swimsuit (whatever that may look like!) and be ready to flaunt! There are lifeguards on every stretch, so don’t worry about killing everyone with your confidence.

Oh, how could we forget the playlist- check out Skedaddle's summer playlist so you can keep the party going all day. And in case it's been a while since you've seen the sun here is our essential beach packing list. Life’s a beach, isn’t it?!

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Lindsay Rootare

Lindsay Rootare

Lindsay Rootare is an intrepid urban explorer who loves finding the offbeat & hidden wonders of NYC & beyond. She's an active kayaker, abandoned place obsessor & can fit into small spaces. Huzzah!

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