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Weekend Packing Series: Everything You Need For Homecoming

One of the best parts of fall? The big homecoming game, and all the weekend-long festivities that go along with it!

Gearing up for the game? Check out our Homecoming Packing List beforehand - we can guarantee you’ll be more prepared than your rivals.

  • School Apparel: Make your alliances clear with your school’s name on your t-shirt (and sweatshirt… and baseball hat… and that water bottle you probably didn’t need but bought anyways…).

  • Game tickets: Whether they’re on your phone or good ‘ole fashioned printed tickets, don’t forget to grab these on the way out the door! Unless you’re only in it for the tailgate, which is half the fun.

  • Portable speaker: While you might not be bumping your school’s fight song during the parking lot pregame, you definitely need some tunes to get the crew going. Queue up your favorites, or take the easy way out with Spotify’s Tailgate Party Playlist.

  • Cornhole/Outdoor Games: Best way to make everyone around you jealous? Having the best game-before-the-game setup. This 3-in-1 game setup comes with a convenient carrying case, so you still have a free hand for that cold beverage.

  • Koozie: And speaking of that cold beverage, don’t forget a koozie! Bonus points if it’s from the school bookstore.

  • Folding chairs: Let’s be honest - you’re probably going to be standing in the bleachers for most of the game - gotta root for the home team, after all! Kick back during the tailgate with a few folding chairs - Target has one for $15, so you can get one in each color!

  • (Packed) Cooler: Last but certainly not least - snacks and beverages are the key to a successful homecoming. Feeling adventurous? Check out Food Network’s Top 50 Tailgating Recipes. (Yes, we are aware there are seven different chili recipes on that list. And yes, we will be trying them all). Or suggest potluck style, and have everyone bring a few things. The more chips, the merrier!

Need a bus to transport your crew (and those coolers) to the game? Book a Charter Bus with Skedaddle and check transportation off your homecoming checklist!

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Meredith Parmalee

Meredith Parmalee

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