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Weekend Packing Series: The 5 Essentials For Your Next Concert

Ticket purchased? Check. Pre-concert pump-up playlist created and listened to one (or two or ten…) times? Check. You’re alllmost ready for the show. Before you head out though, here are a few essential items you’ll want to pack for an optimal concert-going experience.

  • Small bag or purse: Check out the venue’s policy in advance to ensure your bag fits their requirements. Might we recommend a trendy yet oh-so-convenient crossbody? Perfect for fist-pumping your way through the show. Check out Target for everything from a simple black bag to this snazzy red number.

  • Fully-charged phone or portable charger: For all those Insta stories you’ll definitely be posting…

  • Printed ticket: Yes, we know, it’s 2018 and no one prints tickets anymore. BUT, if you forget to bring #2, a printed ticket will save you in a pinch.

  • Cash: Want band merch? A cold bev in between sets? Always a good idea to have a little cash on hand, especially for some of those trendier “you’ve probably never heard of this band before” spots.

  • Comfy shoes: Let’s be honest, once you hear that opening song, you might want to boogie, or at least move a bit closer to the stage. No matter how cute those new shoes are, there’s nothing cute about a next-day blister. These classic Converse will do the trick!

(Small) bag packed and ready? We're heading to Ed Sheeran next weekend so check out our roundtrip bus routes to Gillette and snag a seat while you still can. You do the packing, let us do the driving.

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Meredith Parmalee

Meredith Parmalee

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