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Thank you (and welcome) to our readers!

It’s about time we entered the blogging world so thank you to everyone who is tuning in. We are making some huge pushes as a brand to be more relatable and transparent so we hope this blog will be a good start. For our users, we want Skedaddle to not only be a practical and innovative solution to mass transportation, but also a place they, and non-users alike, can come to consume meaningful content and feel like they are truly part of the Skedaddler community.

We are in a unique position as a travel tech company and a start-up to share thoughts, insights, and inspiration about a variety of topics that make up our identity as a company, and that our community can identify with as well.

So please read, enjoy and share if you like what you see!

Happy Skedaddling!

-Team Skedaddle

0 Comments 31 January 2018
Kailee McArdle

Kailee McArdle

NYC-based content marketer. When she isn't scamming boutique fitness studios for free classes, Kailee can be found listening to true crime podcasts or watching Gilmore Girls for the 102nd time.

  New York, NY

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