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A New Yorker’s Guide to the OutdoorFest Campout

Photo by Ezekial Gonzalez.

Ahhh the great outdoors. Trees as far as the eye can see, songbirds singing their soothing melodies, starry night skies, marshmallows roasting over the campfire.

As city-dwellers, we know that getting out into nature can often be challenging. Between the planning, the gear, and the transportation,

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0 Comments 15 June 2018
Things to do in Boston this winter: It can be fun, I swear

How to make New England a little more bearable this season

As a purebred Bostonian, I’ve learned how to manage winter. Maybe it’s the gallons of hot chocolate I’ve consumed over the years, or my new electric fireplace heater, regardless, something has always kept me favoring sweater

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0 Comments 05 February 2018
How to Escape New York City this Winter

Winterstate Travel: When the Greatest City turns to Gray Slush

What’s more magical than New York City during the holidays? Festive music playing in the streets, every window is dolled up for the holidays, fun events and parties happening every night. Then January hits, and much like Times Square

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0 Comments 05 February 2018