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8 Tips for How to Have More Fun at Country Concerts This Summer

Summer is not over yet! Which means that there is still more time to enjoy the sunshine AND enjoy the rest of the summer concert season. And, let's be honest the best kind of concert is a country concert. So, here are our tips for what to wear and what to bring to make the best of every show this summer.

1. Cowboy hats and denim are mandatory.

If you're going full-country then a cowboy hat is a must. Plus, they have an added benefit of protecting you from the sun if you're gonna be out there at the tailgate all day. Boot Barn has some great options or if you find yourself near a Walmart they have some cheap options as well. Ladies (or dudes too for that matter), denim cut-offs are the best way to complete the look. If it's a little chilly out jeans obviously work too, but make sure they have their fair share of rips. Throw a flannel on and you will be golden.

2. Kill the tailgate game.

No country show is complete without the tailgate. If you want to keep things low key just bring a couple of camping chairs, a cooler of beer and some snacks. This NorChill cooler bag holds 48 cans and here is a great guacamole recipe which is super easy to transport and arguably the best summer tailgating snack. Also, more than likely there will be a group of nice folks who will let you join their party.

If you're trying to BRING the party may we recommend packing:

  • A George Forman Grill or another kind of portable grill
  • All the delicious food you want to cook on said grill (here are some great recipes that you actually can make with or without a grill)
  • Plastic plates, silverware and napkins
  • A cooler with plenty of beer and ice
  • A tent for some shade
  • A folding table for drinking games, but also for eating
  • Foldable camping chairs
  • A ton of solo cups & ping pong balls
  • Any other tailgate games like Cornhole
  • A great Bluetooth speaker (you should probably make sure it's waterproof because you know, beer)
  • Plenty of sunscreen (you'll thank yourself the next morning for this)
  • Garbage bags so you can make sure you're not leaving behind a huge mess in the parking lot

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

If you're killing the tailgate game you'll most likely be outside all day, and most of that time will probably be spent drinking beer so don't forget to pack some water bottles or bring a reusable one to refill. These collapsible water bottles are perfect if you want to roll it up and bring it to the venue with you.

4. Make sure the playlist is on point.

The most important part of the tailgate (besides the food of course) is definitely the music. Put that speaker to work and warm up the pipes for the showtime sing-a-long with the artist's best hits and other summertime jams. Maybe throw the Walmart yodeling boy's new single, "Famous," on there too because apparently, it's the most-streamed country song on Spotify. What a time to be alive.

If playlist curation isn't your specialty we made a pretty rad one featuring all of the CountryMegaticket 2018 artists.

5. Don't bring anything you really care about.

Beer is constantly flying around at the tailgates and at the show so make sure you're not wearing anything super expensive or bringing your favorite purse (here is where those sturdy cowboy boots will come in handy). For ladies, a cute fanny pack is always a great option and guys can totally rock a fanny pack too or just keep your valuables in your pockets.

6. Be ready to make friends.

It seems like more than any other music fans country fans are just the friendliest people. Everyone is all about hanging out and having a great time so come with an open mind and the more the merrier! Plus, you'll have more dance partners to rock out and scream the lyrics with during the show.

7. Start lining up early!

This means you might have to end the tailgate a little early, but if it's an outdoor show or you have floor seats and you want to be anywhere close to the front row it's worth it. While country fans are usually pretty nice people they can also be pretty ruthless when it comes to their fandom so don't be a pushover either- no one puts baby in a corner (or shoves you out the way to get the front row)!

8. TRY to put your phone away.

This might be the hardest one to accomplish. We totally understand the whole 'if you didn't 'gram it didn't happen,' but you truly have a better experience when you're actually watching the show through your eyes and not your iPhone screen. Also, let's just be real here, nobody watching your Snapchat stories can hear ANYTHING from the 10+ videos of the show you posted.

Check out our trips from Boston to CountryFest this weekend so you can actually put these tips to good use!

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