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Tips For Planning Your Office Holiday Party On A Budget

Ahh 'tis the season for pine scented candles and peppermint hot chocolate. It's always nice to celebrate the holidays with your co-workers, but for small companies and startups, it can be hard to be merry on a budget!

Here are 5 tips for planning a kick-ass office holiday party without breaking the bank:

1. Choose a venue close to home

Having the party right in your own office is the best way to save money on a party space. If you work in a co-working space you might be able to use the common space for your event so definitely look into the options in your building! WeWork's event venues are actually pretty affordable and available to anyone to rent so that could also be a good option if you're looking to step out of your everyday space!

2. Make it a potluck

You might consider having some light refreshments like a cheese platter and then ask everyone to bring their favorite holiday dish. Maybe up the ante a little bit and have a holiday dessert bake off!

3. Keep the alcohol to a minimum or a not at all

Booze can get expensive so consider making it a dry event or just offer beer and wine. Another option is making a couple of festive punches that shouldn't be too expensive (try to choose recipes with the same type of liquor so you're not buying too many different things).

4. Don't go too crazy with decorations

Of course you want to add some festive charm to the party space, but you don't have to break the bank to do so. Amazon is actually a great resource for holiday decorations like string lights, festival table cloths, LED tea lights, and mini pine trees.

5. Skip the party favors

It's always nice to send guests on their way with a little something, but it's totally not necessary. Have a white elephant swap instead and keep the price suggestion around $15-$20.

If you do have room in the budget for an offsite party Skedaddle Charter has the transportation covered! Book a bus or a van to get the work crew where they need to go!

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Kailee McArdle

Kailee McArdle

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