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The Most Haunted College Campuses in America

What is Halloween without a good old fashioned ghost story? We thought we would round up some of the most haunted college campuses in America because midterms are not scary enough!

1. Smith College- Northampton, MA

Smith is one of oldest and most prestigious women’s colleges in the country

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0 Comments 25 October 2018
Definitive Ranking of the Best Halloween Candy

The spookiest day of the year is right around the corner, but really no one is here for the horror we’re here for the candy. Throwin’ it back to the old trick-or-treating days, here is our ranking of the best Halloween candy:

10. Twizzlers

You either really love them

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0 Comments 24 October 2018
The Best Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas

Being the Maid of Honor or Best Man at a wedding comes with a lot of responsibilities; dress holding, speech making and, maybe most importantly, bachelor or bachelorette party planning. Planning the perfect night or weekend is not easy so here are some of our favorite party ideas for inspiration.

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0 Comments 23 October 2018
10 Of The Best Haunted Houses Worth Traveling To

So you’ve been to your local haunted house and you’re not impressed. Ready to up the ante? Here is a list of 10 haunted houses worth the trip. Consider yourself warned - we don’t want this to come back to haunt you!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Terror Behind the

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0 Comments 18 October 2018
Weekend Packing Series: Everything You Need For Homecoming

One of the best parts of fall? The big homecoming game, and all the weekend-long festivities that go along with it!

Gearing up for the game? Check out our Homecoming Packing List beforehand - we can guarantee you’ll be more prepared than your rivals.

  • School Apparel: Make your alliances

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0 Comments 16 October 2018