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It's the best day of the year - it's National Puppy Day!

At Skedaddle we are all about riding together, but rarely do we get an opportunity to show you all our favorite backseat drivers, our ride-or-dies, our dogs! In honor of National Puppy Day, get to know the furry friends that populate our homes and offices!

Name: Roux (AKA Boo)
Gotcha! Day: Way back to the baby days
Skedaddle Owner: Elle

How is Roux a Skedaddler?

Roux loves to explore! When she goes on walks she always picks up random things! One time she picked up a slice of pizza!

Name: Puck 'Jaylen Rose' Bulger
Gotcha! Day: Nov 10, 2014
Skedaddle Owner: Garin

How is Puck a Skedaddler?

Puck is full of drive - a drive to find the best snacks! No matter how hard they may be to reach!

“When Puck was just a puppy, maybe 5 months old, it was time for the Super Bowl. I had a party with a bunch of friends, lots of food, lots of drinks, etc. Puck has a way of always being heard of seen or felt because he loves to nibble on my fingers. But we were watching the game and I noticed I hadn't seen Puck and couldn't see him at that time. So I wander downstairs and see him laying on the kitchen floor with a big smile on his face and what looked like tomato sauce smeared all over his face. I looked at the kitchen counter which had 2 extra large cheese pizzas on it, and both boxes were in the exact place i put them and both boxes were closed. I walked over to check, opened the top box and it was completely empty.”

Name: Lola Jane Rootare
Gotcha! Day: July 17th, 2004 from Livingston County Animal Shelter!
Skedaddle Owner: Lindsay

How is Lola a Skedaddler?

Lola is always there to ride with you! A dog of the motor city, Lola loves to get in the car and stick her head out the window. She also has this innate sense of know when you want to be left alone - and totally ignoring it. She just wants to hang out all the time!

Name: Kona (Find Kona @konachewingco !)
Gotcha! Day: July 29, 2017
Skedaddle Owner: Clint

How is Kona a Skedaddler?

Kona works hard and plays hard! He loves sleeping in, but also stealing the soles out of shoes, licking people’s nostrils and pooping in the Skedaddle office. All in a day’s work!

Name: Sadie Main
Gotcha! Day: June 12, 2007
Skedaddle Owner: Ren

How is Sadie a Skedaddler?
Sadie loves to explore! She loves traveling!

Sadie loves loves LOVES water. Her favorite vacation spot is at my parents' campsite on Lake Cascade in Cascade, ID. They're both retired, so she gets all of their attention - including all the walks, swims and head scratches humanly possible.

Full Dog Name: Koda (AKA Poopy)
Gotcha! Day: May 26, 2016
Skedaddle Owner: Kailee

How is Koda a Skedaddler?

Koda has drive, Koda spent weeks hoarding a secret stash. Maybe not the best idea, but requiring of lots of doggy work ethic? Yes!

"In our backyard there is a big koi pond that freezes over in the winter, and for weeks Koda was going over and scratching at the ice on the pond. Little did we know like 80% of the koi fish had actually died because the ice was too thick and not letting in enough air and Koda had secretly made a perfect circle in the ice and was slowly fishing out the dead koi and bringing them to a secret fish graveyard he started behind the shed in the yard. When we discovered his dead fish stash he was so excited he actually brought us over to show us the hole he made, and just sat there smiling at what I think he considers his greatest accomplish in his young life."

Full Name: Roo
Gotcha! Day: September 7, 2013 from Dillon County Animal Shelter!
Skedaddle Owner: Adam N.

How is Roo a Skedaddler?

Roo is all about that ride together attitude! She has an uncanny ability to take up the whole bed. She is also full of drive, she will track down any tennis ball!

Full Name: Lina
Gotcha! Day: :)
Skedaddle Owner: Brad

How is Lina a Skedaddler?

Lina is a model Skedaddle pup! Not one to beg for attention, she is perfectly fine exploring and enjoying the Boston sofas all by herself! She also looks pretty cute with our Skedaddle Mittens!

Full Name: Ella
Gotcha! Day: Not yet!
Skedaddle Owner: Honorary Dog Mom Avery

How is Ella a Skedaddler?

Ella isn't even my dog but we have awesome times together! She knows how to make you smile and make your time together really count!

Our puppies are just some of the awesome personalities we get to interact with everyday here at Skedaddle! They make our days better! What about your doggo? Have your own pet that loves to explore? Your own ride-or-die pooch? We'd love to hear about your furry friend!

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Lindsay Rootare

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