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Guide to the Big E Fair: 5 Quintessential Activities

Here are 5 quintessential activities to check out at the Big E - one of the top 10 biggest fairs in the world!

The Big E: home to the 1,295-pound pumpkin, deep-fried pop tart, and Chaz, the cream puff man. If you’re not sold based on those three things alone, here are 5 quintessential activities to check out at the Big E - one of the top 10 biggest fairs in the world!

1. Eat all the fried food.

There’s something for everyone: fried dough for the traditionalists, fried pop tarts, or even deep-fried corn on the cob for the perfect salty-savory combo. Peruse the options beforehand and create a gameplan, STAT.

2. Watch other people eat all the fried food.

Not for the faint of stomach, the White Hut Cheeseburg-Eating Championship takes places over the course of ten minutes, wherein the bravest souls will have the chance to beat the 52-Cheeseburg record, set at last year’s fair. Will this year’s competitors cut the mustard, so to speak? We’ll have to ketchup after it all goes down...

3. Cheer on the Swifty Swine Racing Pigs

This little piggy went...racing? We can’t make this up. Catch this Big E tradition during one of the five daily races, as the little guys race for an oreo cookie. If you want to know more about the Pig Racing Posse (and trust us, you do), check out the entire swine squad here.

4. Visually clog your arteries with the butter sculpture.

Over 600 pounds of butter is used to create the annual sculpture. Admire the wonder in all its glory under the Mallary Rotunda, and check out previous iterations here. We’re partial to the cow riding the motorcycle, circa 2005.

5.Ride the Big Yellow Slide.

At 135 feet long and 46 feet high, we couldn’t let this one slide. A couple even got married on the slide in 2015!

Ready to bring on the festivities? You’re in luck - Skedaddle is riding to the Big E on Sunday, September 16th, Sunday, September 23rd, and Sunday, September 30th! Ticket includes admission to the fair. Book yours before they’re gone!

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Meredith Parmalee

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