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Because why is Valentine's Day so stressful?!

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day; the holiday that everyone loves to hate (or hates to love, shout out to all the romantics out there). As someone who has been in a relationship for 7 years I have mixed feelings about this holiday, there is such a stigma surrounding it that puts pressure on couples to “prove” their love for each other by sending over-priced flowers and braving the crowds (reservations or not) at every restaurant in the city and leaves single people feeling inadequate.
Regardless of relationship status nobody should be stressed about this random day in February so here are a couple of fun, casual things you can do with your significant other, coworkers, or friends to finally take the pressure off of February 14th once and for all.

1. Have a baking competition

A little competition never hurt nobody, especially if that competition involves no-guilt consumption of baked goods. Find the friend with the best kitchen (or biggest kitchen or dishwasher if we’re talking NYC apartments), invite some people over, appoint some judges and go at it. Or organize an office potluck where everyone brings in their best dessert and you can vote for the winner. You can even do this with your significant other and the loser buys dinner that weekend so you can skillfully avoid the V-day crowds.

Maybe you can make the theme boxed vs made from scratch and have yourself some good ol’ Kardashian fun.

2. See what happens when you order a heart-shaped pizza from Dominos

2017 brought us many things, but most importantly it brought Dominos’ hilarious series of fails at making heart-shaped pizzas for all those lovers out there. If you missed the mayhem last year Cosmo did a great job of compiling some of the highlights. In what would go down in history as the best comeback story of the century I’m hoping Dominos can get it together this year and deliver (pardon the pun) on their heart-shaped promises and I challenge all of you to test that assumption.

3. Have a blind chocolate tasting

Okay, I can’t just be alone in this; a Russell Stover chocolate box from CVS is literally all I ever want for Valentine’s Day. I’m also convinced that they are superior to all other chocolates and I am willing to put that to the test and everyone should join me. Grab a $10 Russell assortment, grab some higher end assortment, blindfold some people and see which ones come out on top. If you need some inspiration here are the critic's ratings for hundreds of chocolate assortments.

4. Go to a local bar and only order red and pink drinks

You’re really asking for a hangover here and the bartender might hate you, but this is a fun, festive, and Instagram worthy thing to do in your neighborhood. If you want to make a bar hop out if it, here are some of the best tiki bars in NYC where you can definitely find the most colorful drinks.

5. Plan your next vacation

It’s February and more than likely your stomach hasn’t seen the sun for almost 6 months so order some takeout or cook a nice meal and spend the evening planning your next vacation to somewhere warm. Whether you’re escaping with friends or on a romantic getaway you’ll have something to look forward to that isn't March on the east coast.

And because let's be honest, who isn't on a budget these days here is some inspiration for where you can make the most of your money.

6. Spend the evening making handmade Valentines for friends and family

Throw it back to the good ol’ days of construction paper and those scissors with the crazy, patterned edges. I guess these would then be technically belated valentines, but it’s never too late to tell friends and family that you love them with poorly-glued greeting cards. Throw some wine into the mix and you never know what you'll be able to create.

If you’re not much of an artist check out these amazingly cheeky, and extremely topical cards from Consensual Greetings.

Whatever you end up doing on this dreaded holiday, make sure it at least involves chocolate, maybe even this revolutionary new pink chocolate (remind me again why we needed this?).
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