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How to Host a Successful Dorm Room Friendsgiving

If you thought you couldn’t host a Friendsgiving in your 100 square foot dorm room, think again!

Here are three unique ways to successfully gather your friends before you go home for the holidays.

Have a “Running Dinner” Friendsgiving

Also known as a progressive dinner, this style involves eating each course in a different location. Host appetizers in your room (here is a list of microwave appetizers you can whip up and impress the whole gang), and then your neighbor down the hall can host the main course, while dessert is held upstairs in your friend’s forced triple (with festive drinks along the way, of course). Moving from one room to the next will take the burden of entertaining for the whole night off one person, and makes for a fun twist on the traditional potluck!

Have a Takeout Friendsgiving

Who says Friendsgiving has to include the traditional turkey and stuffing? Make a list of your favorite takeout places around campus, and order a few items from each. Spring rolls for an appetizer and pizza as the main? No one will complain about that. Pro tip: tag team picking up the orders to save on delivery - more money for toppings!

Have a Common Room Friendsgiving

If your dorm has common spaces on your floor or near the lobby, gather your squad here for a common room Friendsgiving! Depending on your school, you might want to check in with the RA to make sure it’s available on the date you want to feast. Just make sure to have a bit of extras food, in case your neighbors walk by and can’t resist those microwave friendly mashed potatoes!

Sticking around school for the holidays? Gather your other stationary friends for a fun weekend getaway - Skedaddle’s got you covered!

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Meredith Parmalee

Meredith Parmalee

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