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A New Yorker’s Guide to the OutdoorFest Campout

Photo by Ezekial Gonzalez.

Ahhh the great outdoors. Trees as far as the eye can see, songbirds singing their soothing melodies, starry night skies, marshmallows roasting over the campfire.

As city-dwellers, we know that getting out into nature can often be challenging. Between the planning, the gear, and the transportation, on top of everything else we have going on during the week, organizing weekend excursions can be a struggle. We often end up perpetually putting off that trip or settling for bottomless brunch. No judgment.

Photo by Ezekial Gonzalez.

One trick we’ve found to help give us that extra nudge is to connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts and plan your adventures with friends. Luckily, we discovered a community that specializes in exactly that.

Photo by Ezekial Gonzalez.

Enter OutdoorFest

OutdoorFest provides a place for outdoor enthusiasts to unite, build communities, and reshape the way we view our lives in cities. By advocating for the accessibility of the outdoors and connecting people with local outdoor resources, the OutdoorFest community is making major strides toward encouraging healthy, active, and adventurous lifestyles among urban dwellers.

Photo by Ezekial Gonzalez.

Every year, OutdoorFest hosts a ten-day outdoor adventure palooza, inviting New Yorkers to get outside and partake in an action-packed week full of hiking, running, fishing, surfing, sailing, kayaking, and more.

The festivities kick off with an epic Campout just outside Manhattan.

Despite being half an hour outside Manhattan, the Campout’s location at the Henry Kaufman Campgrounds is not so easily accessed by public transportation. You either have to rent a car, pay an exorbitant amount for a Lyft or take the ferry and then hale a taxi. Not ideal.

That’s where Skedaddle comes in. We were thrilled to team up with OutdoorFest this year and provide a seamless shuttle for campers, taking the stress out of getting there.

So what actually goes on at the Campout? Picture this: 24 hours of…

1. Adventuring

Photo by Ezekial Gonzalez.

  • Everything from hiking to yoga to slacklining to camping.

2. Trail Running

Photo by Tom O'Hare.

  • Backcountry runs for everyone: Trail Running 101 for the beginners, a 5K headlamp trail race for the adventurous, and a 6-hour Ultra run for the totally insane. JK! Those runners are incredible! True athletes.

3. Skill Sessions

Photo by Natasha Shapiro

  • Ever wonder how to cast a fly fishing line? Read a compass? Start a fire in the woods with nothing but sticks? Tell a knee-slapping campfire story? Cook a snake in the backcountry (shout out to Bear Grylls)? How about understanding how to control your basic human instincts in dire survival situations? OutdoorFest’s wide-ranging workshops are led by some of the best wilderness guides in NYC.

4. Jamming

Photo by Stephen Elliott.

  • When the sun goes down, the party begins. Jam out to killer sets as the campout transforms into one awesome music festival.

5. Unplugging

  • Whether you're cheering on the runners, strolling through the woods or laying out under the stars, the campout is a much needed digital blackout to help you get away from it all.

For New Yorkers, the outdoors don’t need to feel so distant anymore. It’s time to reframe how we think about our lives as urban-dwellers and lean into our innate, yet often ignored, appreciation for the natural world. At Skedaddle, we strive to make the outdoors more accessible, connect you with fellow community members, and take transportation off your to-do list, so you can adventure more and worry less.

Happy Trails!

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