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Definitive Ranking of the Best Halloween Candy

The spookiest day of the year is right around the corner, but really no one is here for the horror we’re here for the candy. Throwin’ it back to the old trick-or-treating days, here is our ranking of the best Halloween candy:

10. Twizzlers

You either really love them or you reallyyyy hate them, there is no middle ground here. But, we feel like those hardcore Twizzler-lovers are few and far between so we’re giving them last place. Red Vines lovers rejoice.

9. Skittles

Alright, Skittles are beloved, we get that. We all love them for their marketing efforts, there’s no argument there, but in terms of their taste, we’re giving them an 'eh'. Especially, because apparently nothing is sacred anymore and all Skittles are actually the same flavor. Mind=blown.

8. KitKats

Ahhh, an old favorite with a jingle that has been ubiquitous for decades. Coming in at a solid 8 we felt like KitKat deserved a place on the list, but are they worth the calories? Jury is still out on that. Oh, and apparently the center of a KitKat is made from...ground up KitKats. So meta.

7. Snickers

I guess maybe Snickers are better than we thought if Elton John is willing to star in their commercial. With a little bit of everything- peanuts, caramel, nougat- we’re not grabbing them from that plastic pumpkin first, but we’re certainly not grabbing them last.

6. Milky Way

Surprisingly not named after the galaxy, Milky Way is a solid contender when it comes to caramel-filled chocolate bars. All that caramel-goodness can get a little overwhelming after a few bites which is why we're giving it 6th place.

5. Starburst

A delicious way to take a break from all that chocolate, Starburst makes its way into our top 5. We’re willing to throw down with anyone whose favorite flavor isn’t strawberry, and apparently, that's a lot of people so maybe we should just politely agree to disagree.

4. Twix

What really differentiates Twix in our book is the crunch of the cookie bottom, it really juxtaposes the soft caramel in a way that other candy bars don’t offer. One thing that will continue to be perplexing is the whole #letfttwix #righttwix debate, but we’re willing to let that one slide.

3. Butterfingers

Okay, we realize this one is debatable, but overall we decided that Butterfingers are actually the ultimate underdogs and people should really take the time to appreciate them more. They really are the most unique of their candy-brethren, where else can we get a peanut buttery, nougaty, crunchy center covered in chocolate? The answer is nowhere. Thank you and goodnight.

2. Peanut M&M’s

If you didn’t agree with #3 then you most likely won’t agree with this either, and that’s fine. Try eating just one peanut M&M and see what happens, you might change your mind. If you’re still not convinced here are some of the funniest M&M’s commercials of all time, you have to admit this is good comedy.

1. Reese’s

Okay, okay you guessed it, everyone’s favorite peanut butter cups came in first. There really isn’t much to say here except ‘yum.’

Honorable mentions: 3 Musketeers, 100 Grand Bars, and Crunch Bars.

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