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5 Things to do With all the Apples You Pick This Fall

You made your yearly pilgrimage to the apple orchard, you lugged your harvest all the way home, and now it has dawned on you that you truly don't need all these apples. Don't fret- here are some creative ways to use them that don't involve you eating apples for every meal this month:

1. Make Apple Pie

For those of you who aren’t completely inept at all things involving an oven, there’s nothing that screams fall more than a freshly baked apple pie. If you’re feeling extra ambitious here is the Obama’s favorite apple pie recipe. The White House pastry chef at the time was known in some circles as ‘The Crust Master’ so like, no pressure.

2. Throw them into Sangria

Apples can easily be the star of any sangria recipe (besides the wine of course) so that can be the perfect excuse to finally invite some people over and wow them with your cocktail making skills. Rachael Ray has a great recipe for white sangria or for those of you who start craving red wine as soon as the weather gets remotely cold here is a red sangria recipe.

3. Donate them to a Food Pantry

AmpleHarvest.org is a nationwide organization that encourages community gardens and/or independent gardeners to donate their excess harvest to any of the 8,000+ registered food pantries in their area. What’s even better is that you don’t have to be a gardener to donate produce so just visit their website to find a food pantry near you and head over with all those extra apples!

4. Make Candy or Caramel Apples

Luckily most grocery stores carry simple kits to make candy or caramel apples which makes this the perfect solution for those who don’t necessarily want to try to tackle The Crust Master’s famous apple pie recipe (we don’t blame you).

5. DIY Apple Potpourri

Because why wouldn’t you want your home to smell like fall 24/7?! This is also the perfect little homemade gift for the holidays (especially because it will stay fresh for months!) and a thoughtful housewarming gift for friends. We recommend this tutorial for an awesome apple spice scent.

For all you New Yorkers out there check out our $10 rides to go apple picking near NYC this September and October!

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