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Big Fake Wedding Recap

We attended the Big Fake Wedding New England - here’s how it all went down.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to celebrate a... fake wedding? Yes, you read that right! This August, Skedaddle attended the Big Fake Wedding New England - and it was a blast!


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0 Comments 15 August 2018
Music Festival Do's and Don'ts From a Diehard Music Fan

Despite popular opinion summer isn't over yet and we still have some really awesome trips heading to festival and concerts all over the Northeast so we sat down with Adam, our resident audiophile, and diehard music-of-all-genres-fan, to get his advice on how to make the most of your music festival

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0 Comments 10 August 2018
How to Make the Most of Your Day in Long Beach, NY

You and the squad are heading to the beach this weekend- amazing. Maybe you even have seats booked on our $10 bus trip to Long Beach on Saturday- even more amazing! Whether you’re hitting the sand for the first time this summer or a frequent beach bum, here’s

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0 Comments 19 July 2018
Weekend Packing Series: The 5 Essentials For Your Next Concert

Ticket purchased? Check. Pre-concert pump-up playlist created and listened to one (or two or ten…) times? Check. You’re alllmost ready for the show. Before you head out though, here are a few essential items you’ll want to pack for an optimal concert-going experience.

  • Small bag or purse: Check

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0 Comments 10 July 2018
Weekend Packing Series: Your Ultimate Beach Trip Packing List

In this edition of the 'Weekend Packing Series,' we cover all the essentials for the perfect beach trip. Oh, and in case you haven't heard- Skedaddle has $10 trips to the beach from NYC and Boston for the entire month of the July so you can actually put this

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0 Comments 27 June 2018