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A New Yorker’s Guide to the OutdoorFest Campout

Photo by Ezekial Gonzalez.

Ahhh the great outdoors. Trees as far as the eye can see, songbirds singing their soothing melodies, starry night skies, marshmallows roasting over the campfire.

As city-dwellers, we know that getting out into nature can often be challenging. Between the planning, the gear, and the transportation,

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0 Comments 15 June 2018
Making the Most of your Musical Summer in Boston

Boston isn’t a huge city, a fact that surprises most people who visit. But this small city with a big heart houses a vibrant music community that most might not see if they only go to bigger shows with marquee acts (not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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0 Comments 12 June 2018
Best Summer Races in New England

Maybe you’ve run the Boston Marathon 6 times, or maybe you have no idea what the best flavor of GU is, or the perfect time to use it, or what strides are and really you’re just here for the free snacks at the end. No matter how much

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0 Comments 31 May 2018
What to do For Memorial Day 2018

The summer is finally here and if you're not #roadtrippin' for the weekend put those winter clothes in storage and get ready for our tips to make the best of Memorial Day weekend in your city!

1. Have a barbecue!

There is nothing more summery than sunshine and hotdogs and

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0 Comments 21 May 2018
8 Tips for How to Have More Fun at Country Concerts This Summer

It's FINALLY feeling like spring on the east coast, and this warm weather can only mean one thing; summer concert season is right around the corner, and let's be honest the best kind of concert is a country concert. So, here are our tips for what to wear and what

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0 Comments 08 May 2018